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.Contact Information.

[E-Mail] Contact me and I will give it to you.
[Instant Messengers] I'm sorry but I don't do that. I answer very quickly trhough email so I basically never use any instant stuff because I don't need to.
[Other] My lj and tumblr are actives so feel free.

CHARACTER NAME: Francis Bonnefoy
CHARACTER SERIES: Hetalia Axis Power


[Backtagging] I welcome any and all backtagging. In fact, I encourage it.
[Threadhopping] The more the merrier.
[Plotting] Masters of plots.
[Offensive subjects] I'm alright with most topics, but if something is making me uncomfortable, I will let you know.


[What's okay to mention around him/her] Feel free. I don't like putting stops signs on anyone.
[Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character? Special physical features, special abilities, etc] Since I'm french, Francis will speak french from time to time but considering who he is, it's a good point, non? ^^.
[Can I hack that strike or otherwise find out information they'd prefer to keep hidden?] If your character knows his world/european history, yes, you probably know everything already :).
[Fighting] Uk is his neighbour, enough said. He doesn't care for battles though nowadays. He fought too much in the past and the price was always so very heavy.
[Injury/Death] Injury is completely fine. You can kick, draw blood and be as violent as you wish. On the matter of death, there's no point though. Nations don't die.

[Romance] Being the nation of l'Amour has his advantage. Romance isn't an option, it's a perpetual state of mind.
[Physical Contact] Francis is not a rapist. That's the one thing I can't take from this fandom so if you go that road, it will be troublesome. For the rest, it's open bar and happy hour time 24h/24h.
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